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Determining the body's fundamental elements—fat, protein, minerals, and body water—is known as body composition analysis.


Body water plays a crucial role in the biological route within the human body, mediating various chemical reactions and transporting nutrition and waste products. It also serves as the primary constituent of blood.


Protein plays a significant role in the structure of bodily tissues, including muscles, skin, and hair.


Among the elements that comprise the human body is body fat, which serves as an energy storehouse.


Risks like osteoporosis and stunted growth can result from a deficiency of minerals.

Inbody Body Composition Test 1-time

HK$100.00 Regular Price
HK$50.00Sale Price
  • 1. Arrange your time within our service hour. (67093869)

    2. It will take about 5mins for the test.

    3. You will have your result sheet with explaination.

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