Training background:

Johnny was a high school basketball player who injured his knee and went through a transition period. Fortunately, he began weight training and became a personal trainer in 2007. Due to his injury history, Johnny specializes in corrective exercise training, and he is also trained to train both beginner and high performance athletes.


Training philosophy:

communicate, partnership



Personal training

Performance Training

Corrective Training


Trial $300 

Pay-as-you-go $1000

10 sessions $9000

Vaild for 3 month from the purchase date

  • Certification:

    ~Northumbria University Newcastle- BSc (Hons) Sport coaching (Sept,2021-Dec,2022)

    ~HKU Space HPSHCC- Higher diploma in sport coaching & sport performance

    ~Hong Kong Coaching Committee- Sports- General theory coach level 3

    ~National Academy of Sports Medicine - Corrective exercise specialist

    ~National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal trainer

    ~IPTFA- Bronze Personal tainer

    ~IPTA - Personal trainer

    ~ECO Lifestyle Fitness Pte Ltd - Certificate in BOSU personal training

    ~ECO Lifestyle Fitness Pte Ltd- Certificate in ViPR training

    ~TRX – Certificate in group suspension training L1

    ~Quantum HFE - Certified XCUBE training workshop

    ~Cranial Drive - Certified holistic structure alignment training course (Upper Limb & Rib)

    ~Cranial Drive - Certified holistic structure alignment training course (Lower Limb & Pelvis)

    ~Sportsline - Certified Fitness in Advance - Running

    ~Hong Kong China Dragon Boat Association - Certificate of indoor dragon boat training

    ~Hong Kong St John- CPR

  • Experience, Language and Service area

    Experience: Personal training since 2007, Volunteer: Fighting velleyball team- strenght and conditioning coach 2019-20

    Language: English/ Cantonese

    Service area: HK Island, Kowloon

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  • Terms and condition

    1. Member, can have a cooling-off period of seven days after purchase
    2. Members are responsible to provide the training facility and we will follow all regulations.
    3. Member is requested to complete the training within the contract period
    4. Make an appointment for the coaching class 14 hours in advance
    5. Member should cancel the coaching session no less than twelve hours in advance. If the cancellation is less than twelve hours/ no show, the calculation will be completed
    6. Typhoon signal No. 8 and black rainstorm warning, all training will be cancelled
    7. There may be additional charges in areas where MTR is not available, please discuss with your coach after the trial session. 
    8. Meta sport Hong Kong will make changes to the above clauses according to the situation