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A brand new product concept. Buying one is equivalent to having a mini fitness room. You can freely combine various methods such as aerobics, weight training, stretching, dumbbells, barbells, rowing, posture adjustment, etc. No matter what goals you set, Speediance Smart Fitness Room 2.0 PRO can help you achieve it perfectly.



1. Extremely fast electronic weight adjustment (1-220 pounds), adjust at any time using the screen or smart Bluetooth ring.

2. Multiple exercise angles, more than 100 combinations, easily exercise shoulders, chest, back, arms, legs and core muscles.

3. Dozens of preset exercise programs are available, and the weight, number of groups and rest time can be adjusted for different parts.

4. Four professional modes: standard, eccentric, chain and isokinetic modes, targeting different training needs.

5. Enhance muscle strength, increase calorie consumption, gain muscle and lose fat without delay.

6. The power-assist mode can also monitor the status of force exertion in real time, and will automatically reduce the weight when exhaustion is detected to help you complete the entire set of movements safely.

7. The 21.5-inch screen provides dedicated teaching and real-time coaching videos to ensure accurate and effective movements.

8. Free personalized account to record all exercise data and adjust training intensity.

9. Extremely space-saving, it only occupies 0.3 square meters when folded, which is equivalent to a seat.


Speediance Smart Fitness Room 2.0 PRO brings new accessories and a new experience, making your training more convenient!


Products include: main unit, folding fitness chair, smart Bluetooth ring, 1 pair of triangular handles, triceps rope, adjustable barbell, barbell pads, 1 pair of foot rings, yoga mat


Smart Bluetooth ring

By connecting to Bluetooth, you can easily start or pause training with the ring button at your fingertips. Turn the button counterclockwise or clockwise, and the weight can be increased/decreased by 1kg per scale. With IP65 waterproof rating, you won't be afraid of sweating during training, and the elastic band is breathable and stable, so it won't cause any discomfort when worn on your finger. The ring can be used in just 15 minutes of fast charging.


Adjustable barbell

The first 24-hole "grip distance" adjustment, the barbell is also lengthened to 1.2 meters, so you can train freely without any obstacles regardless of posture and different shoulder widths. In terms of feel, the grid pattern design is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, reducing the chance of scratches on your hands. Using the outer hole position will make the barbell more stable, suitable for lower limb training such as squats and deadlifts. You can also adjust the lock position according to your own bar-holding habits to ensure symmetry at both ends. Adjusting the lock to the middle position is suitable for movements such as high pull-downs.


Foldable fitness chair

The new foldable fitness chair is not only convenient for storage, but also can be adjusted to different angles, up to 90 degrees.


Original factory maintenance

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FitBoxx Speediance Smart Fitness Room 2.0 Pro (Arrived seven to 10

Arrives in 7 to 10 working days after ordering) Original factory maintenance
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